Explain What is Long-Term Care? in 2022

Long Term Care – an overview

What is Long-Term Care?

Explain What is Long-Term Care? – Long-term care involves a variety of services designed to meet a person’s health or personal care needs during a short or long period of time. when people hear the words long-term care they often think only of nursing homes but long-term care includes much more long-term care is a wide variety of services and supports to help meet one’s personal and health care needs over an extended period of time the most common type of long-term care is actually personal care services that a person receives in the home from paid or unpaid.

Explain What is Long-Term Care?

Explain What is Long-Term Care? – Caregivers’ home-based care includes home health care personal care homemaker services friendly visitor companion services and emergency response systems home-based long-term care is primary care received in your home it generally cares as I just mentioned to complete your activities of daily living and again that’s bathing dressing and it also um includes other activities that support you in your home shopping meal preparation getting to doctor’s appointments all of these things are home-based services long-term care alsoincludes services that are available outside the home called community-based services community-based care includes adult day care programs senior centers transportation services meals programs and respite care community-based care supplements services available in the home making it easier for a person to live at home community-based services are basically services that are available in the community generally. longterm care

Explain arrangements for long-term care

They supplement the services that people get and need in their homes and they help people to stay in their homes community-based services include things like adult day care services which are service programs that provide supervision and nutrition programs and look up at your elbow if you can and then slowly press down with your big toes other community-based services include meal programs transportation services to help people get around and senior centers are very important in the community they are generally for kind of well elderly or elderly that don’t need supervision but they do provide a social recreational and nutrition programs for people in the community when people are no longer able to live on their own and need full-time.

Explain What is Long-Term Care

The Process of Long Term Care Planning

Explain What is Long-Term Care?- The help they may require long-term care in a facility such as a nursing home facility-based care includes adult foster care boards and care homes assisted living facilities nursing homes and continuing care retirement facility-based care is for those who require help and can no longer live on their own nursing homes provide 24-hour housing health careand personal services supervision 24 hours a day and most nursing homes also provide re-rehab services to find out about long-term care services that are provided in the home in the community or at a facility contact the eldercare visit www. eldercare you can also contact your local area agency on aging


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