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Life Insurance and Annuities: How They Work

What Is Life Insurance Annuity? – Life insurance annuity is a term that is defined in a very particular way. Learn about life insurance annuity with help of a post It’s never too early to start thinking about life insurance, retirement, and other types of financial-related plans that are an absolute necessity in today’s world. Learn how to get the most for your dollar and plan for your future in the proper way with help from a longtime financial planner in this post.

what is a life insurance annuity?

What Is Life Insurance Annuity? – The answer is there is no such thing as there is life insurance and there are annuities and what we want to do today is clear up what is the difference. the two the thing they have in common is they are both issued by insurance companies first let’s talk about life insurance as a financial vehicle that we can buy that allows us to offset risk in the event that we die and there are people in our lives who depend on us for our income or for finances so life insurance is something you buy for any dependents.


And protecting them and typically it’s in case you died prematurely but it could be even in retirement if someone will suffer financially with your death then you would want to buy life insurance an annuity again also offered by insurance companies it’s almost the opposite we call it longevity insurance but an annuity is something that you will put money into and then ultimately ask an insurance company to guarantee you an income that you can’t outlive.

What Is Life Insurance Annuity? And that’s why we call it longevity insurance just in case you live beyond when the pot of money would run out when you buy an annuity you get a guarantee of lifetime income even if you outlive your money so again there is no such thing as life. insurance annuity but both life insurance and annuities have a very important part in a person’s overall financial strategy I always recommend that you meet with a professional who can give you advice on whether you need life insurance or whether an annuity is an appropriate investment for you.

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