Florida Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits

Senior citizens in Florida will be receiving added pharmaceutical benefits as the result of a recent court settlement with pharmaceutical benefit provider Medco. The settlement makes a little more than $2 million in generic medication available to senior citizens in Florida who are uninsured or meet the standards of Florida’s low-income bracket.

Pharmaceutical Benefits for the Elderly in Florida

Charlie Crist, Attorney General and the state department that protects the rights of elderly citizens will notify seniors through by mail to let them know whether they qualify for these beyond-the-norm benefits. Qualifying candidates must be older than 60, fall into the low-income bracket set forth by the state of Florida, and cannot be a Medicaid recipient.

Florida Blue HMO Medicare Advantage Plans

Based on these qualifications, $300 in generic drugs will be distributed to 7,500 senior citizens in Florida. With the rising costs of prescription drugs in the United States, this is a welcome relief for the elderly citizens of Florida. Since generic drugs must meet the same quality control standards of brand name medications, these citizens will still be receiving the same high-quality medication, just at a lower cost.

While the program is beneficial it is also a limited time opportunity. Beneficiaries will only receive these benefits one time. But even the one time benefit can make a world of difference to those elderly Floridians on a fixed income.

The $2.3 million settlement is the result of a case between various states and Medco about their drug switch practices. The states involved had a choice to receive cash as part of the deal but Florida officials chose to give back to the citizens by creating this generic drug distribution plan to benefit the most financially struggling demographic in the state – low-income elderly.

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs is the primary state agency administering human services programs to benefit Florida & elders. This website provides information on our programs and services, and current initiatives.

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