Best Introduction to Long Term Care in 2022

What Is Long-Term Care?

Introduction to Long Term Care 70% of Americans over age 65 will need long-term care which means assistance with daily living or supervision due to a cognitive impairment this care can be expensive and will only increase over time health insurance including Fe HP and Medicare is not designed to pay for it Medicaid in the VA may pay but have.

A Brief Introduction to Long-Term Care

Limitations the federal long-term care insurance program provides insurance coverage to help pay for long-term care without such a plan you may need to rely on retirement income and savings our guided planner will help you build a plan based on three benefit choices along with your age will determine your coverage and premium when choosing a plan you should consider the role your family may play in providing your care.

Best Introduction to Long Term Care

Introduction to Long Term Care

the cost of care where you live or plan to retire and how your coverage may contribute to your broader financial goals to begin your journey try our guided planner in addition we always recommend you consult with your family and a financial advisor.


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