Best Insurance Regulatory Outlook 2022

2022 Insurance Industry Outlook

Best Insurance Regulatory Outlook 2021 to 2022 is over for all practical purposes, so we’re going to focus on all things 2022 going forward, which is why I wanted to come to you with my top 10 companies you need to be paying attention to in the insurance space this next year.

What’s up everybody I want to talk to you about 10 companies you should be .following in 2022 in the insurance industry come on let’s go talk. we’re going to focus on all things 2022 going forward which is why I wanted to come to you with my top 10 companies you need to be paying attention to in the. insurance space this next year the first one is one of my favorites these are not in any particular order but I don’t have a problem telling you that kate Bradley.

Chris and her team lately are one of my favorite pieces of technology. I use both at Florida risk partners and in killing commercial and all of them, other things that I do and the reason why is because they take the content creation and distribution game to a completely different stratosphere you can upload a video and have it transcribed have the subtitles put in it create automatic 140 280 or 560 character posts with mentions hashtags link shortening,

And they use machine learning to determine when people are on your social profiles the most and schedule posts to hit your assets. at that time kate Bradley churn is an animal and, should be in any company that wants a social presence in 2022. the next company that I’m going to talk about is. probably one of my favorites on the wholesaler side and that is pro writers my friend brian Thornton is crushing the cyber and eno game right now the ability to go on to their web-based platform get multiple quotes from different carriers.

Best Insurance Regulatory Outlook 2022 Valley Health Plan

as well as vulnerability assessments and coverage comparisons on a single easy to read dashboard makes them our wholesaler of choice when it comes to cyber and professional liability there is no one better in the business and if you want to get really savvy with it you can take and create an iframe in your own web domain use it as a landing page and send traffic directly to it and let them start their quotes themselves you can also use it as a great prospecting tool to learn more you’re welcome to reach out to me and schedule a time to talk or

You can check out my man brian Thornton at pro writers. the next one that I want to talk about is wonder write peter Mcdonald wonder write is a boost he’s competing with the big boys out there in the software world and does not care he takes the ability to fill out complex and really just we all hate accord forms let’s just call it what it is you can fill out accord forms and supplementals and do all kinds of crazy stuff with the technology that they’ve built and it makes your job and your client experience.

so much better the next person I want to talk about is yellowbird yellow bird is an incredible technology for people who work in the middle market as I do, okay what I can do is I can use their app think of it as an uber for safety and loss control professionals i can go on their app i can find the person in the state where I need a job site assessment a noise study ergonomic study anything that I need and I can use their marketplace to contract with that person have that work done get a full-blown.

Best Insurance Regulatory Outlook Insurance Regulatory Outlook (

Report sent back to me so that I can deliver what we promised. at the point of sale for our client’s yellow bird you got to know who these guys are you may not have heard of them yet but in 2022 you’re going to go back and remember David told us about this we should have listened the other one that I want to bring up number five is why in the world is David talking about a premium finance company because I hate premium financing.

and these people have made me love it they have taken agency bill and completely removed it from our agency they collect the down payment is a payment processor they add that to the finance agreement that they financed and then they fund everything to the wholesalers on my behalf and once the payment clears they send me back my commissions I cannot think.

Of a more seamless process than what the total pay solution from ipfs has done for our agency my man Davey holt, national sales leader for ipfs is your contact I highly recommend if you are having headaches around agency bill premium financing payment processing get in touch with my man he can make it so much easier for you the next one on the list is the better agency now I will disclose to you that I am an investor in a better agency that’s not why I’m recommending it because I am pumped about everything that these guys are doing in 21 but I also know what’s.

Coming in 2022 and if you don’t know it yet at one o’clock eastern time on January 7th will show and Nicholas Ayers and Jordan hatch are going to come on to my podcast the power producers podcast live and make a huge announcement with them adding accord forms and downloads in 2021.


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