Explain How to Pass the Life Insurance Exam in 2022

How to Study for the Life & Health Insurance Exam

How to Pass the Life Insurance Exam?

Learn How to Pass the Life Insurance Exam in 2022 – 13 simple tips to help pass the life insurance focus on hitting your goals in every area of your business remember the universe rewards the bulla leader has to take the risks what I’m gonna do tonight is put together a list of 13 things right 13 steps. To help you pass any multiple-choice test that you take and if you get these down when you go in to take your test it will help you tremendously I tell people all the time when I do these classes or when I do securities license classes that I could probably walk in and take a law test or some other test and be pretty close to passing just off of these tips alone so I’m hoping that they help you guys right it doesn’t mean don’t study for the test it doesn’t mean don’t do your practice quizzes don’t follow the system and pol it means to do this on top of that and that will help you get over the top maybe those few questions.

How To Pass the Life Insurance Exam in 2022

How to Pass the Life Insurance Exam – That you’re not sure about it’ll help you answer those questions and then we’ll go from there so and then one other thing I’m gonna I’m going to give you the list of them but at the end, i will give you my phone number and if you text me your name and your email address I will send you the list then that way you can take notes but listen to what I’m saying right now so you understand it and then you’ll have the list to study from so at the end I will give you my phone number if you don’t have it and then you just send me your name and your email and I will send it to you tonight so you have a copy of it um so pay attention so number one we’re gonna start with number one so right and some of these are basic so these are things you should be doing anyway but these are the in all my time teaching and all my time studying and training and right teaching securities classes for the last 20 years.

Believe it or not, people still forget to do some of these because I think they know the answer they got it down or whatever it is but you want to follow these very closely and it’ll help you pass i would say it’ll give you at least 10 to 20 on the test extra so maybe even higher so the first one is read the question in full before you even look at an answer then come up with your own answer before you look at the choices so you should read the question and in your head see if you can answer that question without looking at the answers first okay.

 Pass the Life Insurance Exam in 2022

Life Insurance Exam in ONLY 13 Minutes

So if you do that the percentages are really high like above 75 percent that you have the right answer in your head so make sure you read the full question and try to answer it in your head first before you even look at the choices for what the options are right number two you want to make sure be careful you don’t read too much into the question don’t try to second guess the test right there are no trick answers on the test okay now do they put things in there like to make sure you’re reading it, yes okay I’m going to get to one of those in a minute but there’s no trick answer so don’t second-guess yourself thinking.

They’re trying to trick you they just want you to know the information if you know the information you’re gonna pass so that was number two number three a positive choice is more likely than a negative choice okay so maybe you don’t know the answer you’re not really sure if the question’s positive or negative more than likely the answer is going to be positive the reason why is with negative questions or negative answers there usually is a longer explanation that has to come with that and there’s also usually exceptions to every rule right so most of the time it’s going to be a positive answer instead of a negative answer.

Learn How to Pass the Life Insurance Exam in 2022

Life Insurance Exam in ONLY 13 Minutes

Right number four don’t go against your first impulse unless you’re sure you’re wrong right go with your first impulse if you’ve done the studying and taking the practice quiz go with your first impulse the only time you shouldn’t do that is when you know you’re wrong right and sometimes that means going back because you another question right clicks in your head and then you realize you got that one wrong then you can go with the second answer but try to go with the first answer every single time so very important right number five check for negative words before you answer the question .and this is what I mean right as an example.

Would be which of the following is not a b c or d right so or it’ll say something like the answer to this is FOR MORE DETAILS WATCH COMPLETE VIDEO


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