Healthy Families Florida Program – While the State of Florida hopes that all people will seek insurance coverage, we know that many families simply cannot afford it. That is why the Healthy Families Florida Program was designed to help give parents the tools they need to keep their families healthy and cared for in a suitable manner.

Healthy Families Florida

Healthy Families Florida Program

This community initiative brings trained professionals into the homes n specified areas of the state to help parents interact better with their children, give them the tools they need to help their children grow up healthy and offer solutions that help prevent child abuse.

Designed within the model of the extremely successful national program, this initiative has been researched and tested to show its effectiveness. One of the biggest parts of the program is to target new parents and help them navigate the scary road of parenting a newborn. Our trained professionals come into the homes to help show parents how to diffuse potentially stressful situations before they become to overwhelming and lead to abuse, neglect or dysfunction.

Healthy Start Programs and Services

The Healthy Families Florida program offers new parents the skills they need to solve problems that come up in the home. They show these recipients how to have a healthy family relationship and where to find the care they need to help their children be healthy and happy. Part of this program is to educate them on the importance of insurance. While many of these program participants are from lower income areas, health insurance is not something they really know about. The in-home helpers let them know the many reasons that health insurance is not only important for their children but for themselves as well.

Not only are they educated on the importance but they are also given resources to obtain coverage. Participants can be in the program for as long as five years to help them build the foundation they need to have a healthy family in the state of Florida.

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