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Healthy Families Florida Program

Healthy Families Florida Program- Healthy Start Programs 2021

Healthy Families Florida Program – While the State of Florida hopes that all people will seek insurance coverage, we know that many families simply cannot afford it. That is why the Healthy Families Florida Program was designed to help give parents the tools they need to keep their families healthy and cared for in a…

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Health Insurance Coverage

Do I Really Need Health Insurance Coverage?

Why Do I Need Health Insurance? Everyone needs health insurance. Healthcare is generally expensive and in emergency situations can be completely unaffordable. Foregoing medical attention is not a reasonable option. This could lead to a worsened medical condition and more expensive treatment down the road. Emergency room care is the most expensive form of medical…

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Health Insurance Basics

Health Insurance Basics – Introduction to Health Insurance

Definition, Plans, & Types of Health Insurance Basics and Overview Health Insurance Basics – Many moons ago, when people needed to see the doctor, they paid directly for his or her advice and services. Wow, things have certainly changed. Advancements in medicine have been breathtaking, providing us with the opportunity to live longer, more active…

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