Best 6 Functions of Health Insurance 2022

What Are the Functions of Health Insurance?

Best 6 Functions of Health Insurance
1 Medicare
2 Medicaid functions of health insurance
 3 CHIP (Children’s Individual Plan)
4 FBS (Family Builds Up Security)

The first healthcare act was passed by the United States congress in 1938 which established the National Health Insurance program to provide universal coverage for all citizens in a way that would not compromise their jobs or their families health. Today, one can choose from different types of plans that cover various aspects of your life. Below are some examples from these types of plans.

  • Medicare

This plan covers 60% of your medical expenditures and provides you with all kinds of care that will allow you to continue working until you complete your treatment of an ailment such as a heart-related problem, cancer treatment, or chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression, epilepsy, high blood pressure, or arthritis. The only downside of this type of health insurance is that you have to pay extra premiums in order to cover any additional services.

  • Medicaid functions of health insurance Functions of Health Insurance

It covers more than 50% of your medical expenses and keeps your children healthy thanks to its affordable provisions. But, it does not provide care as extensive as Medicare. As of today, it still costs more than Medicare. However, the income limit allows you to cover medical expenses without having to worry about your budget. Also, there is no age requirement to be able to get enrolled. You can also start getting enrolled if this isn’t covered by your parent’s health plan, but having enrollment and prescription coverage is automatically added to the account.

  • CHIP (Children’s Individual Plan)

Provides a special set of benefits and services to cater to specific needs. These plans cover most common diseases and some rare diseases. For instance, if your child suffers from asthma, they offer free inhalers to ensure his/her breathing is easy. In the case of a rare disease such as cancer, they have been known to cover chemotherapy services and other treatments that will help them recover. Additionally, they cover mental health services like counseling and psychotherapy. Unfortunately, this health plan only offers a maximum number of people enrolled per family, unless you can arrange with an administrator on a higher level, or with your provider.

  • FBS (Family Builds Up Security)

Since the middle of the 1900s, the Federal Bureau of Social Security has been providing services to older adults with disabilities as well as those whose employers do not provide disability benefits like Medicare and Medicaid. Its focus has always been on helping these individuals and their families stay economically self-sufficient, financially secure, and socially functional. For this plan, they cover rent, utilities, food, and housing among others so you don’t need to worry about money.

They only charge 30.2% each month for the service however, since they don’t provide care for every individual, a senior citizen might need to seek their help when he/she starts falling apart. To learn more and to see what programs exist for older adults, please visit

  • TRICARE What is Long-Term Care

With this type of health care plan, you get care at an institutional facility or home where you spend less time than you would get if you were living at home. Under this plan, you can access 24 hours care, and your doctor visits should occur as frequently as possible. Most importantly, you only pay for what you use. That’s why most seniors are referred to TRICARE because it tends to be cheaper and easier for them than looking for long-term care from private providers. However, you still have to prove your eligibility before being admitted. To know more, visit to see how they do that.


You should think of COBRA, then again if you are uninsured then what is left to the world? However, let’s face it, there are many organizations that have contracts with the government to provide services to the country and all of their employees, including their own employees. And it is no surprise that many companies are choosing COOBRA over other health plans. Their main focus is basically making sure that you have financial security, but if you don’t, then they don’t care so much.

So what are you doing here? What good deed for the economy? No, none really. But maybe it depends on your lifestyle… Yes, definitely! But you know better, no matter your situation, make sure you pay for the services you are using.

To start covering your medical bills in a healthier environment, consider signing up for these plans, and make sure you have the correct information needed to sign up on this website. I hope this article helped.


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