Florida Medicaid Reform Explained

Florida Medicaid Reform was a comprehensive demonstration that seeked to improve the value of the Medicaid delivery system. The program operated under an 1115 Research and Demonstration Waiver initially approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Federal CMS) on October 19, 2005.

AHCA Florida Medicaid Reform

In Florida nearly two million residents receive Medicaid assistance for their health care needs. The Medicaid program assists the disabled, elderly, children, and women who are pregnant with their health insurance costs. Not only does it help those in need, it boosts Florida’s economy with six million dollars in employee wages for hundred of thousands of jobs. This program is beneficial for both the recipients and the government because of the values at the core of the program.

The public is always involved. Because it affects the taxpayers, they should have a say in any reform that is proposed. The Medicaid program is for the people so it should be reviewed by the people to make sure it is as fair as possible. Another core principal of the Florida Medicaid plan is that anyone who needs coverage receives it. As long as you qualify under the stipulations of the program, you will receive Medicaid coverage.

More importantly when you receive coverage, you should have access to quality care. Medicaid works with doctors and hospitals across the state to provide a solid network of caregivers who accept the Medicaid insurance plan. For they operate based upon the belief that what is the point of providing coverage when the care the participants would receive is less than adequate?

Medicaid Reform

Medicaid prides itself on providing value-added benefits to its members. But recent reform proposals have threatened to cut into the quality of benefits and coverage. Florida Medicaid Reform is dedicated to fighting for the rights of our insured against cuts to care and coverage. Although we fight for the rights of those we insure, there are many more Florida residents who do not have coverage or their coverage is less than adequate. Medicaid believes that these numbers should continue to decrease not increase and have established programs to ensure that steps are taken for that outcome.

With all of the proposed reform to Florida Medicaid Reform Program, one thing remains clear – Florida Medicaid is dedicated to its core principals of care for those in need. When reform is on the horizon we will fight to keep these protected.

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