State of Florida Health Care Premiums – Health Insurance Plans

Florida Health Care Premiums & Health Insurance Plans

Florida Health Care Premiums – With cost for hospital visits, physician appointment and prescriptions on the rise, the cost for the premiums on your insurance are going up as a result. The rate of increase is so high that it has caused states all across the country to close ranks and research how and why this is happening.

State of Florida Health Care Premiums

Florida Health Care Premiums Explained

In Florida, the governor has created the Governor’s Task Force on Access to Affordable Health Insurance to look into the inflation and the steps the state can take to reduce its residents’ premiums. During their investigations, the task force discovered the extreme rate of increase in premiums has led small businesses to discontinue health insurance benefits to their employers.

This caused concern among the task force, governor and the Select Committee on Affordable Health Care for Floridians, which was working in conjunction with the task force. As a result, the groups have prioritized some recommendations and outlined some concerns for the future state of Florida health insurance premiums.

Their first priority is to offer health care coverage to the large percentage of residents who cannot get individual coverage – not related to their employer’s coverage – due to pre-existing conditions. On the other side of the fence, they also recommend providing less expensive coverage for small groups and individual policyholders by not taxing these policies. Both groups have trouble gaining coverage for two very different reasons. However, it is still unacceptable to the task force and committee that any Floridians have that hard of a time gaining insurance coverage.

Health Care Premiums

Finally, the two groups propose providing education materials for all insured individuals to make them more aware of their coverage through their insurance company. This program would outline the cost differences on medical care and procedures, in turn letting consumers make an educated decision about the course of their health care. The thought behind educating the consumer is that it will create competition between the companies and hospitals and in turn reduce the costs and make the premiums easier to afford.


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