Choose Between Indoor and Outdoor Boat Storage Options

Boat Storage Options – Deciding where to keep your boat will depend on a number of factors that are specific to your personal situation. Your choice will probably depend on the size of your boat, how frequently you use it, your proximity to bodies of water, and whether you like to use your boat primarily in one location or prefer to use your boat in several different areas instead.

Boat Storage Options

Boat storage options typically fall into three categories:

  • Dry boat storage (out of the water)
  • Marina boat storage (in the water)
  • Trailering boat storage

Each storage option requires unique steps for prepping exteriors, engines and electrical, and batteries. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option.

Trailering Boat Storage

This is the least expensive method for storing your boat. Keeping your boat (covered, of course) on a trailer in your driveway or garage offers flexibility, cost savings, and spontaneity over the other storage options. If you like to go boating in several different places, you’ll find trailers to be the best option. If you’re the spontaneous sort, who likes to seize the opportunity of a nice weather day, trailering gives you the advantage of being able to take off whenever you like.

Dry Boat Storage

You’ll pay once for the trailer, which you’ll need for towing anyway and have no additional maintenance costs or upkeep. Be sure to check your owner’s manual and get the right size trailer for your needs. Also, be aware of the required towing capacity for your boat.

Rack Boat Storage

Rack storage is a great option for small boats that don’t get a whole lot of use. You pay a small monthly rental fee in return for warehouse space to store your boat. Typically, with this type of arrangement, you’ll need to notify your storage company in advance when you plan on using the boat. They may need to engage a forklift to retrieve it for you.

Marina Boat Storage

Marina storage offers frequent boaters a home away from home in addition to boat storage. Although the costs are higher than other forms of storage, marinas offer numerous amenities that enhance your boating lifestyle. In many cases, you will find showers, bathrooms, and off-season storage options. In addition, some marinas offer electric, telephone, internet, and satellite TV right at the dock, in addition to water hookups for washing down your boat.

Families that congregate around these marinas often find it interesting and fun to socialize with each other. Since many marinas offer long-term boat storage options, families get to know each other throughout the years and enjoy spending time together.

Your Choice

The decision of how to store your boat is a personal one. It depends not only on the type and size of the boat you own but also your lifestyle choices, such as how much time you really spend on the water. No matter how you store your boat, you should always carry adequate boat insurance coverage. Vessels can be damaged even while in storage, so be sure your policy covers physical damage to the boat itself, in case something should happen.

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