The Affordable Health Care for Floridians Act in 2021

What Florida Department of Financial Services Says?

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, if the Affordable Health Care for Floridians Act is repealed without a replacement, 2.2 million Floridians stand to lose coverage.

Affordable Care Act

Education is power and when you know all you can about a subject you can make an informed and educated decision. That is the premise behind the Affordable Healthcare for Floridians Act. Florida’s former governor Jeb Bush signed the bill that will bring affordable and improved healthcare to residents across the state.

Affordable Health Care for Floridians Act

Greater availability of health insurance and increased education about their options and services are the foundation for this patient-driven act. It makes insurance available to those who need it most – low-income individuals, those in poor health and small businesses as well as those we just want to know their options.

Above all else, the Affordable Healthcare for Floridians Act works to reduce the high cost of health insurance. Because of rising healthcare costs, there are so many uninsured people in the state as well as the country. Many smaller companies have decided to stop offering health insurance to their employees because the cost is just too great. Through this act, the current Health Flex program has broadened.

Affordable Health Care for Floridians Act

Presently, insurance companies offer traditional health plans, as well as, health savings plans that work much like a financial savings account but are specific to health care. This allows individuals to contribute to the fund as much as they can afford, and when they are unable, that is also acceptable. When services are needed, the insurance company pulls from that pool of money. This alleviates the high cost of premiums paid monthly or yearly, no matter how few or how many services you use.

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As well as making healthcare costs affordable, this Act makes information about health services pricing accessible to the general public. This permits patients to make educated decisions about what the actions they would like to take.

Conclusion [Affordable Health Care for Floridians Act]

Through this innovative act, the Florida Patient Safety Corporation was created to monitor current procedures and practices in the health care industry and make recommendations should problems arise. In support of the Act’s fundamental purpose, to empower Floridians so they may make wise healthcare choices, this structure helps to protect patients from both unforeseen and costly errors.


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